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SPEIDEL Adjustable Wrist Straps



The SPEIDEL patented design resists pinching or pulling hair.  Tedlar polyester is laminated to each link for insulation, protecting wearer against electrical hazards.

This durable, high quality wrist strap is constructed of stainless steel in an adjustable, one-size-adjusts-to-all size.  Available with 10 mm (3/8” nominal) snap.

This genuine Speidel wrist strap features their patented design that will not pinch skin or pull hair.  Speidel offers the highest protection against accumulated static charges.

Polyester film (Tedlar) laminated to each link for insulation on all outside surfaces to protect wearer against electrical hazards. Cleanroom compatible—polyester film will not peel or flake off.


Construction: SPEIDEL patented design resists pinching or pulling hair.
Electrical Properties: Outer band: Insulative at 500V DC. Inner band: 150 ohms.
Elasticity: Expansion ratio: 1.5:1.
Snap/Sizes: 10mm Snap Non-rusting – tested to U.S. MIL STD 202 Method 101


SPEIDEL Adjustable Wrist Strap Products and Accessories

Band Only Part Number Unit Price
SMALL SPEIDEL Band, 1/8″ (4mm) Post Snap. Discontinued, CLEARANCE. (qty 82)  ***WHILE SUPPLIES LAST GOWC104B $14.00 $10.00
ERGO Adjustable Metal Band, 1/8″ (4mm) Post Snap ***While Supplies Last  GOWC108B  $10.50 $9.00

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