ESD Garments

Product Information
For more than 30 years, Vidaro has been designing and supplying  garments and accessories for the high-technology disciplines of computer,  aerospace and medical instrumentation, as well as the pharmaceutical, chemical,  petroleum and ophthalmic fields.


Vi-Gard® I


65% polyester, 34% cotton, 1% carbon-modified nylon yarn


White (3117)
Grey (3417)
Navy (4317)
Blue  (3317)
Royal (6317)


5oz. blend of polyester and cotton  sheeting

ESD Properties

Achieved by introducing a nylon yarn grid pattern into the fabric

Apparent Surface Resistivity (Test Method AATCC  76)

2.6 x 106 ohms/unit square

Decay(Test MethodNFPA  1991para. 9-29.4)

5000 volts to 10% in less than .01  second

Durability to Washing

Permanent press, resin finished to offer “easy care”  characteristics:wrinkle resistance in use and “no-iron”  properties when washed. Washing does not significantly  affect ESD properties of garments.

Vidaro Vi-Gard Static Dissipative Garments

Controlling static is crucial

Static electricity can spell trouble. In the laboratory,  in manufacturing, in assembly and  packaging areas, people can generate and retain  static charges up to 35,000 volts — more than enough to damage or degrade nearby sensitive electronic components, devices and semiconductors. This is especially true in low-humidity  areas.

That is why  C.C. Steven uses Vidaro Vi-Gard static dissipative fabrics for  its garments. Along with other  static control devices, these four Advanced Static Control fabrics provide a first-line defense against product damage.

Vi-Gard garments offer durability, improved color retention  and permanent static control  properties. These modern, permanent-press garments  require no topical treatment, so you can wear, handle, and launder them as you would ordinary  clothing.

Vidaro Advanced Static Control garments are cool and  comfortable, so they may be worn  over normal clothing, yet they effectively reduce electrostatic charges to safe levels, eliminating the possibility  of arcing from workers to sensitive electronic  products.

Vidaro means quality custom features

Vidaro makes clothing that works for you — for your working  environment.  That means we will  give you exactly what you need — whether it is special sizes, features, fabrics or styles.

If our stock garments are not exactly what you need, tell us.  We will design in the performance  features you are looking for, along with our usual top  quality, exacting detail and fullness of pattern.

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