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360 Contact Wrist Band


trust360Adjustable 360°

360° swiveling snap connector
“One size fits all”
Woven conductive silver fibers

Consistent, comfortable skin contact
Does not roll or tangle
Superior wearer comfort
Date and lot coding for traceability

This premium quality, adjustable wrist band features a woven cloth strap and is one of the most popular personnel grounding products. The woven fabric consists of an outer layer of non-conductive polyester fiber and inside contact surface with woven conductive silver fibers. This soft fiber is woven into the band material to give maximum skin surface contact and prevents edge curl.

The 360° snap connection allows complete freedom of movement. The curved full metal backplate on the adjustable buckle assures uniform and consistent comfortable skin contact. The cam-lock closure secures the fabric to proper size by gripping the fabric tightly in position. The popularity of this product is because of its proven reliability and it is exceptionally comfortable.


Construction: Woven conductive silver fibers
Electrical Properties: Outer band: Insulation resistance between inner and outer surfaces of strap is greater than 1000 megohms at 500V DC. Inner band: 160 ohms.
Elasticity: Elastic ratio: 2.5:1.
Snap/Sizes: Post snap (4mm) – 7mm or 10mm Non-rusting – tested to U.S. MIL STD 202 Method 101


360 Adjustable Wrist Strap Products and Accessories

Band Only Part Number Unit Price
360 Adjustable Band Only, 4mm snap  GOWS107B-A  $ 4.55
Complete Assembly
360  Band 4mm snap w/ 6-ft Coil Cord  GOWS167-A  $ 8.42