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ESD Warning Tape – AM Series Aisle Marking ESD Tape


AM Series
ESD Aisle Marking Warning Tape

AM3602 ESD Aisle Marking Yellow Vinyl Tape –3in Wide x 32 yd


ESD Aisle Marking tape is used on floors, walls, or stairs  to create an ESD Protected Area and alert staff that ESD precautions should be taken.  The AM3602 is 3in x 32 yd.

  • ESD Aisle Marking Tape allows you to visually mark the areas requiring static protective measures.
  • Bright yellow vinyl floor tape with bold black text with ESD symbols
  • Print reads ESD: Safeguarded Work Area –  with ESD symbol
  • The AM3602 is 3in wide. It is also available in  2″ wide rolls – AM2401
  • Lengths of the roll is 36 yards.

Transforming Technologies’ AM3602 bright yellow vinyl floor tape with bold black ESD symbols is used to visually marking areas that require ESD protection. Print reads: ESD: Safeguarded Work Area –  with ESD symbol. Tear resistant. 2″ and 3″ wide rolls available in lengths of 36 yards.

Easy to identify ESD safe tape lets people know they are in a static-safe area. Our ESD Floor Tape can be used inside and outside to both stripe and line floors and walls. It also can be applied to heavy machinery and work equipment.

Size 3in Wide x 36yards
Tape Size 2″ x 36 yards, 3″ x 36 yards



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