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StatMat200 2-Ply Rubber Flooring

Dark Gray to hide dirt, highly durable and long lasting

rubberfloorStatMat200 2-Ply Rubber Flooring

STATMAT 200 Static dissipative floor material is constructed of 2-ply rubber with reflection breaking embossed surface to reduce glare.  The static dissipative top layer is backed by a conductive layer to deliver outstanding electrical performance.  The StatMat200 being a high quality rubber compound does not melt and does not burn coming into contact with hot metal parts or soldering debris.

STATMAT200 runners are packaged 32.8 foot per roll in widths of 48″, thickness 1/8”, and color Grey (with speckles).  Orders will be cut to desired lengths from these standard length rolls.  StatMat200 is suitable for free laying (does not require application with adhesives).

***Cut Pieces are subject to available stock, Full Rolls are available, Roll pricing available per request. PLEASE NOTE: Shipping cost depend on weight and size of material as well as shipping address, this product does not apply to our $15 Flat rate shipping offered in cart.

Install using Sigaway Original adhesive netting, Siga Circuit and Siga Copper Tape or Sigaway Electronic and Siga Copper Tape


Resistance to Groundable Point: 1x10E6 < Rtg < 1x10E8
Resistance between Two Points on Surface: 1x10E7 < Rtt < 1x10E9
Charge Decay from 5Kv to 50V: (FTMS 101C Method 4046)  <0.01 seconds
Hardness 85 +or- 5 Shore A
Heat Resistance: Excellent
Chemical Resistance: Excellent


WPR StatMat200 2-Ply Rubber Products and Accessories

Description Part Number Linear Foot Price
48”wide StatMat200 Rubber matting, Gray WPR5148 Call For Price ORDER PAGE