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3 Layer Vinyl Stat ESD Matting


3-Ply Vinyl is durable with good electrical properties



ESD work surface protection with extra cushion! Vinyl Stat- 3 layer table mat with Foam Back!


  •  Features:
  • Unique 3-layer construction consisting of a conductive metalized fleece sandwiched between solid, vinyl top surface and foam, base layer.
  • Offered in blue or gray.
  • Benefits: 
  • Protects personnel and products
  • Non-sparking, odorless and color stable
  • Resistant to degradation by inorganic acids, organic acids, reducing agents, detergent solutions, alcohols, aliphatic hydrocarbons, mineral oil, amines and aldehydes.

VinylStat mats are constructed with unique permanently static dissipative vinyl surfaces, and electrically coupled with a buried conductive layer that ensures consistent top-to-top resistance (RTT) measured from any point on a mat. This construction protects against ESD damage to sensitive components and assemblies caused by static generation and discharge.

VinylStat mats are compatible with continuous ground monitoring systems because they always drain charges through the ground snap via the buried conductive layer, not along other unintended paths to ground*. By virtue of its heavy weight and substantial construction, the mat lies flat and stays in place whether on a bench or floor. This low profile mat reduces safety hazards and provides a stable work surface. The mat is easy to clean with mild soap and water without affecting the electrical properties.

VinylStat matting is available in rolls 50-ft in length. (Cut pieces may be available, subject to stock on hand. Call for more information.)

***Cut Pieces are subject to available stock, Full Rolls are available, pricing by below. PLEASE NOTE: Shipping cost depend on weight and size of material as well as shipping address, we can ship via your shipping number or add to order total, this product does not apply to our Flat rate shipping offered in cart.


Resistance to Groundable Point: 10 Volts 13% RH >1.0x10E7ohms  <1.0x10E9ohms100Volts 50% RH >1.0x10E6ohms  <1.0x10E8ohms
Resistance between Two Points on Surface: 10 Volts 13% RH >1.0x10E7ohms   <1.0x10E9ohms100Volts 50% RH >1.0x10E6ohms  <1.0x10E8 ohms
Resistance Groundable Point to Groundable Point: 10 Volts 12% RH   <1.0x10E7ohms100Volts 50% RH   <1.0x10E7ohms
Hardness: (ASTM D 2240)  80 Shore A
Tensile Strength: (ASTM D 412)  640 psi min
Elongation: (ASTM D 412) 150% min.
Chemical Resistance: Excellent


VinylStat 3-Ply Dissipative Vinyl Products and Accessories

Description Part Number Price per 50′ roll
 .125″ x 24″ x 50′ Vinyl Floor/Table Mat w/Foam Back  TVMB2450B  $940.00 ORDER  NOW
 .125″ x 30″ x 50′ Vinyl Floor/Table Mat w/Foam Back  TVMB3050B  $1175.00
*One (1) ground lead is recommended for each 10 linear feet for optimum performance. Common Point Ground leads must be attached to the mats with 3/8″ Female snaps, part number GWHC30F or GWHC31F

***ALSO AVAILABLE IN GRAY and roll widths of 36″ and 48″, CALL TO ORDER!