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PCS Clean Station®/PCS Clean Station PRO®/PCS Clean Station XL®- Portable


Our PCS Clean Station® and PCS Clean Station PRO® are our Portable Tabletop Particle Capture System units! (PCS Clean Station XL coming soon!) Available with or without ionization. Easy to move our PCS Clean Station® Trap units anywhere! We will capture and trap your particles and get them out of your process! (Part number PCS-MT-CleanStation and PCS-MT-CleanStationPRO)

  • Creates more than 3X Capture rate then anything on the market.

  • Now available in “PRO” version with integrated timer for timed cleaning protocols, plug and play with Simco-ION Air Force Ionizing Air gun. (see photos and video of PCS Clean Station PRO® below

  • PCS XL coming soon with 21″ wide and 10″ tall opening for larger parts. (see photo)

  • Sealed edges and bottom enclosure that doesn’t allow for air or particles to escape.

  • CE Certified

  • Available with Metal Enclosure

  • Made in the USA

PCS-MT-CleanStation Data Sheet

PCS-MT-CleanStationPRO Data Sheet

PCS Clean Station Dimensional Drawing

Check out our new version PCS Clean Station PRO®!

Watch our PCS Clean Station® in Action!


Finally, an innovative, effective, and seamless way to clean your parts prior to your critical process AND CAPTURE THE PARTICLES.