Product Description

Fast charge neutralization; Simple, reliable operation
Compact design, Low maintenance, Easy installation



Simco-Ion OrION- Ionizing Air Nozzle

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Simco-ION’s OrION- Low Balance Fast Discharge Compressed Ionizing Air Nozzle provides the high performance and reliability of SIMCO’s Top Gun model in  a compact, compressed air nozzle. It is designed for use in fixed applications  on manufacturing lines, equipment, and toll applications in the  telecommunications, consumer electronics, semiconductor, and medical device  manufacturing industries.

The OrION features high blow-off force  capability combined with fast removal of electrostatic surface charge. Reliable  balance stability is maintained at better than 0+/-15 Volts. An easily  replaceable 0.01 micron particle filter is positioned at the nozzle air exit to  provide the highest confidence that clean air is delivered to sensitive product.

An optional foot switch is available to activate the OrION nozzle. The  switch connects to the power supply, and when depressed, activates both airflow  and power to the ion emitter assembly. A red LED on the nozzle indicates power.

***ALSO AVAILABLE with 5′ cable and OPTICAL SENSOR versions. Call for part numbers and pricing!


Discharge Time <1.5 sec. at 6″
Size (W x H x D) 6″ L x 2-1/2″ W x 1-1/4″ D
Weight 6 oz. integral nozzle/cable assembly
Material static dissipative polycarbonate ABS blend
Air/Gas Supply compressed air


OrION Nozzle Products and Accessories

Description Part Number Unit Price Internet Price
orION 7-ft cable/hose assembly, 120V, 50/60Hz  Mfr PN: 4009045 INTG301 $848.00 call for qty discount ORDER NOW
orION 7-ft cable/hose assembly, 230V, 50Hz, CE-EU Mfr PN: 4009046 INTG302 $ 890.00 call for qty discount ORDER NOW
orION 7-ft cable/hose assembly, 230V, 50Hz, CE-UK  Mfr PN: 4009220 I4009220 $ 890.00 call for qty discount ORDER NOW


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