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Simco-ION OrION Sidekick


Fast charge neutralization; Simple,
reliable, hands-free operation
Compact design, Low maintenance, Easy installation



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The Sidekick flexible gun neck frees the operator’s  hands during assembly and manufacturing processes. A foot pedal controls both  ionization and airflow, which reduces compressed air costs and extends the life  of the ionizer. The flexible gun mount allows the Top Gun operator to focus the  ionization airflow where needed. Includes bracket for easy benchtop  mounting.

ALSO AVAIABLE with Optical Sensor option. / Simco-ION Part numbers: 4009245-01 , 4009246-01, 4009449-01, 5050696


Discharge Time1.3 Sec. at 6″
Weight6.5 oz. (185 g)
MaterialStatic dissipative polycarbonate ABS  blend

Orion Sidekick Products and Accessories

DescriptionSimco-Ion PNCCSteven PNUnit Price High Quantities?
SideKick hands-free orION, 120V, complete Mfr PN 4009245-014009245-01INTG304$1242call for discountORDER NOW
SideKick hands-free orION, 230V, 50Hz, CE-EU, complete Mfr PN 4009246-014009246-01INTG324$1296call for discountORDER NOW
SideKick hands-free orION, 230V, 50Hz, CE-UK, complete Mfr PN 4009449-014009449-01I4009449$1296call for discountORDER NOW
Filter / Nozzle Replacement, pack of 2  Mfr PN 50506965050696IG10406$ 86 ORDER NOW