Spin Rinse Ionizer



SRI photo 2SRI Spin Rinse Ionizer  

This compact and efficient ionizer will neutralize static electricity and eliminate surface contamination in critical environments. The SRI is also ideal for small compact static mitigation applications.

Spin Rinse Ionzers ionize the environment of the rinsing /drying chamber directly using constant DC operation to insure balanced output of positive and negative ions.

It comes in 2 emitter and 4 emitter assemblies (2 emitter version shown in photos), and can be purchased with or without power supply. A 4-to-1 connector kit allows 8 emitters to be powered by one power supply.

These units are available with different cable lengths and connections. We also offer S-7 Power supply 115 volt or S-10 Power supply 220 volt. Extremely effective ionizer with custom options available. Call for pricing based on specifications and quantities!

SRI photo 1  SRI photo 3  SRI photo 4

I4009749aSRI (Spin Rinse Ionizer) 28” leads, no power supply$262.50 per unitORDER NOW
I131055PMS7 Power  Module 115V for use with SRI$262.50 per unitORDER NOW
I131055FPMS10 Power Module 230V for use with SRI$352.00 per unitORDER NOW
I131055aSRI-SpinRinse System (I4009749a & I131055PM)$496.00 per unitORDER NOW
I131055FaSRI-SpinRinse System (I4009749a & I131055FPM)$578.60 per unitORDER NOW


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