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Isoprobe Electrostatic Voltmeter, 3kV

244a_newModel 244A-2 Isoprobe Electrostatic Voltmeter

Small, lightweight instrument measures ±3 kV quickly (<2 ms to  1 kV). Has 4-digit LCD display and ±3 volt analog output. Also available Model  244AK-2 has ±15 volt output (1/200 of input). Ideal for electrophotographic,  xerographic, electret applications and for charge accumulation monitoring and  control.

Feature 1: Fast speed of response
Feature 2: ± 3kV range, auto polarity
Feature 3: Accuracy better than 0.1% at almost any probe-surface  spacing

Size 10cm (4″) H x 21.6cm (8%”) W x 35cm (14″)D).
Weight 3.2 kg (7 Lb)
Power Requirements 100, 115 or 230 VAC ± 10%, 50-60Hz. 15W max.
Meter Range ± 3 kV, auto-polarity
Setting Time: 3 ½ mS for 1% of step input @ 1 kV, measured at probe.
Surface Resolution: Determined by probe aperture size and surface-probe separation. Standard  Type 1017AE & 1017AS probes with 1.75mm (0.07″) aperture will resolve a 2.5mm  (0.10″) spot @ 0.5mm (0.02″) separation.
Step Response:

Response Speed for typical input step: < 3mS (10%-90%)

1000V step:  < 2 ½ mS 10% to 90%)

2000V step: < 3 ½ mS (10%-90%)

3000V step:  < 4 mS (10%-90%)

Frequency Response: Small signal frequency response typically ± 3dB to >300Hz.
Drift: < 0.01V/hr after 1 hr warmup (0.003V/hr typical). Not measurably affected  by 10 ° C temperature variation or changes between 10% and 90% relative  humidity.
Noise: < 0.3Vrms or 2V peak-to-peak wide band. (referred to input).
Recorder Output BNC, Compressed analog output (1/1000 of input or optional Model 244K, 1/200 of  input) for external loads >=1K ohms.
Display Type: LCD
Accuracy 0.1% ± 0.003%/° C over 20° -40° C range (at recorder output). Usable to  50° C.

Model 244A-2 ISOPROBE Voltmeter Products and  Accessories

Description Part Number Unit Price
Model 244A-2 Isoprobe Electrostatic Voltmeter, 110V,  Probes sold separately M244A/110 $ 3,360.00 ORDER NOW
Model 244A-2 Isoprobe Electrostatic Voltmeter, 10V,  Probes sold separately M244A/100 $ 3,360.00 ORDER NOW
Model 244A-2 Isoprobe Electrostatic Voltmeter, 220V,  Probes sold separately M244A/220 $ 3,360.00 ORDER NOW
Probes for all of the above sold separately and listed below
Probes Part Number Unit Price

Model 1017A probes are used with Isoprobe® electrostatic voltmeter Model  244A-2. The probes are 5/16″ by 5/16″ by 3″ long  and equipped with a 10-foot cables.

The end view and side view configurations provide the user with optional mounting positions  where space constraints may be a problem.

Model 1017AE Standard Miniature Probe, End Viewing M1017AE $ 1,024.00 ORDER NOW
Model 1017AS Standard Miniature Probe, Side Viewing M1017AS $ 1,024.00 ORDER NOW
Model 1017AEH High Resolution Probe, End Viewing M1017AEH $ 1,312.00 ORDER NOW
Model 1017AEL Low Resolution Probe, End Viewing M1017AEL $ 1,281.00 ORDER NOW
Model 1017ASL Low Resolution Probe, Side Viewing M1017ASL $ 1,281.00 ORDER NOW
Model 1017AT Transparent Miniature Probe M1017AT $ 1,150.00 ORDER NOW

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