Model 292 Digital Resistivity Test Kit

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292Model 292 Digital Resistivity Test Kit  *** Discontinued As Of 2019 Call For Technical Support ***

Designed to measure resistance between two points (RTT), surface  to ground (RTG), and surface resistivity in accordance with EOS/ESD Association  Standard S-4.1. In addition, the meter measures ambient temperature and relative humidity.

The Surface Resistance Meter (included in the kit) is designed to make measurements in accordance with specified test methods on:

*  Work Surfaces — ESD S4.1 Work Surfaces — Resistance Measurements

*  Floors — ANSI/ESD S7.1 — Resistive Characterization of Floor Materials

*  Footwear — ESD S9.1 — Footwear — Resistive Characterization

*  Garments — ESD STM 2.1 — Garments

*  Seating — ESD STM 12.1 Seating — Resistive Measurement

*  Floor / Footwear — ESD STM 97.1 Floor Materials and Footwear Resistance Measurement in Combination with a Person

*  Workstations — ESD-ADV 53.1  ESD Protective Workstations

Feature 1: Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
Feature 2: LED Displays
Feature 3: Ambient Temperature and Relative Humidity Measurement

Size 8 L x 4.3 W x 1.6 H inches
Weight 15.5 oz. without adapter, 23 oz. with adapter
Power Requirements Two — Alkaline AA batteries:  Battery Life approx. 1500 measurements
Meter Range 1 x 10^3 to 1 x 10^12 ohms @ 10volts and 1 x 10^7 to 1 x 10^12 @  100volts
Resistivity Electrode: Two parallel conductive silicone rubber electrodes 4” long and spaced 4” apart mounted onto an adapter sled.
External Electrodes: Two NFPA-99 5-pound electrodes (80 oz.) with Shore A 50 – 70 durometer conductive pads that comply with EOS/ESD S4.1
Measuring Voltage: 10volts and 100volts
Display Type: LCD:  A 3.5 digit 9/16” LCD provides easy to read measurements directly from the meter.  No interpretations or calculations are require.LED:  Surface resistance exponents are displayed via 12 LED.  LED’s are color coded for quick check recognition:  Five additional LEDs identify the measurement taken when lit.

Model 292 Digital Resistivity Test Kit Products and  Accessories

Description Part Number Unit Price
Model 292 Digital Resistivity Test Kit MME0292 ORDER NOW
Model 292 220V Power Supply  M9320038 ORDER NOW
Model 292/41 Resistivity Adapter Sled M292/41 ORDER NOW
Comes Standard with protective carrying case, digital display meter, test leads, 2 NFPA-99 5# weighted electrodes, two AA alkaline batteries, and operator’s manual.  Adapter sled is optional and must be specified separately when ordering.


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Model 292 Digital Resistivity Test Kit MME0292, 220V Power Supply for 292 M9320038, Model 292/41 Resistivity Adapter Sled M292/41

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