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Resistivity Meter, LED Indicators

291_newModel 291 Resistivity Meter

The Model 291 Resistivity Meter fills the void between lower  performance, lower cost and the more expensive higher performance instruments.  This pocket-sized meter has parallel metal contact rails and jacks for  connections to external electrodes or ground. Using a single 9-volt battery, the  unit automatically generates a test voltage of either 10v or 100v. You simply  place the instrument on a flat surface of material to be tested, press the  button and read the results from the multicolored LED display. It comes with  carrying case, ground lead and calibration certificate.

Feature 1: Wide Range at a Reasonable Cost
Feature 2: Measures both Resistivity and Resistance to Ground
Feature 3: 12 LED Color-Coded Display

Size 2.6 x 5 x 1.2 inches (6.5 x 13 x 3 cm)
Weight 8.4oz (235 gm) including battery
Power Requirements 9 volt, Eveready #522 or equivalent, NEDA #1604A
Meter Range E3 Thru E12 with LED’s for over-range and under-range
Electrode Type: Parallel bar type (jacks for external connections)
Measuring Voltage: 10 volts at E3 to E5 and 100 volts at E6 to E12
Display Type: Multicolored LED’s
Accuracy ± 1/2 Decade

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