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Model 284 Nanocoulomb Meter


Measure the actual charge generated on devices

284Full02Model 284 Nanocoulomb Meter

Monroe Electronics Model 284 Nanocoulomb Meter enables the user to  easily and accurately measure the charge generated on items such as electronic  components by triboelectric charging processes. Static charges can build up on  lCs as they vibrate and slide in shipping tubes or on PC boards as they move  around in contact with protective packaging materials. Model 284 aids in the  selection and evaluation of packaging materials when performing triboelectric  charge testing as outlined in the Electronics Industries Association Standards  for ESD sensitive Items (EIA-541). Two available interchangeable standard sizes  of Faraday Cups serve most needs. Inner dimensions of these are 2 5/8″ dia. x 2  3/4″ deep and 5″ dia. x 6 3 /4″ deep. Custom sizes are available on special  order. In addition, individual areas of semiconductor components , MR heads or  other small static-sensitive devices may be examined to evaluate manual or  automatic handling techniques Contact is made to individual leads via the tip of  an ordinary 1X passive oscilloscope probe.


Range: Dual Range: 200nC with 1.0nC resolution and 20nC with 0.01nC  resolution
Accuracy: 2% of reading
Display Type: 1/2″ X 31/2 digit LCD
Recorder Output: 0 to ± 2 volt analog
Drift: 0.1 C / sec. Typical
Size: 6 X 3.5 X 2.125 inches (150mm X 90mm X 54mm)
Weight 8.5 oz. (0.24 kg) with battery
Power Requirements 9 volt Eveready #216 or equivalent NEDA #1604. Battery life over 400  hours.

Model 284 Nanocoulomb Meter Products and Accessories

Description Part Number Unit Price Internet Price
Model 284 Nanocoulomb Meter MME0333 $ 1916.00 $ 1916.00 ORDER NOW
Model 284-2 Nanocoulomb Meter, 2 nC with .001 nC resolution MME0333C $ 2113.00 $ 2113.00 ORDER NOW
Model 284-3 Nanocoulomb Meter, 2000 nC with 1.0 nC resolution MME0333C1 $ 2113.00 $ 2113.00 ORDER NOW
Faraday Cup, Outer Dimensions (nominal) 4″dia. x 5.75″ tall:  Inner Dimensions (nominal) 2.625″ dia. x 2.75″ deep M284/22A $879.00 ORDER NOW
Faraday Cup, Outer Dimensions (nominal) 8″ dia. x 9.5″  tall:  Inner Dimensions (nominal) 5.75″ dia. x 7″ deep M284/22B $ 1640.00 ORDER NOW
Faraday cups are equipped with BNC connector and 3 foot cable for attaching  to the Model 284. Can be used to measure solids, powders and liquids.

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