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287_newModel 287B Ionizer Performance Analyzer

The Model 287B performs manual or automatic decay and balance tests  for periodic verification of ionization equipment. It then stores the results  and averaged decay times for up to ten manual tests and up to ten complete test  sequences. Temperature and relative humidity are displayed real-time and  recorded with the test data. In DECAY mode a built-in high voltage generator  charges the plate to over 1050 volts. During test the plate will discharge  toward zero in the presence of ionization. The elapsed time of decay between  1000 volts and 100 volts is displayed. In the balance mode, isolated plate  voltage, test duration and 100 volts is displayed. Self-tests include battery  check and tests for functional errors.

Feature 1: All-in-One Instrument -Measures, displays and stores voltage, decay time,  temperature and humidity
Feature 2: Exceeds current requirements of ESD Assn. DSP3.3 for Periodic Verification  of Air Ionizers
Feature 3: Tests balance and decay

Size 1.9″ H x 4″ W x 8.1″ L
Weight 1 lb, 6 oz. (0.63 kg)
Power Requirements 9 volt NEDA #1604A or equivalent alkaline
Meter Range ±1250V, 1V resolution
Plate Capacitance Approximately 25pF
Drift: <±4V in 90s, ±2V typical
Trip Points: Fixed 1000V and 100V
Operating Modes: Manual or Automatic Testing
Plate Size: 1.7″x4″ (10.6 inches periphery)
Accuracy ±5% of reading, ±2% typical
Additional Information: Integrated Temperature and Humidity Sensors:Humidity ±5% typ. from 10%  to 90%RH @25ºCTemperature ±2ºC typicalBattery Life- >40 hour life or >1300 charge cycles. Longer life may be  achieved by using 9-volt lithium.

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Model 287 Ionizer Perf Analyzer

Model 287 Ionizer Performance Analyzer MME0287B, 6” x 6” Plate Adapter M287/22C

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