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Model 265CPS Charge Plate System

Accessory to Model 265 Fieldmeter

265cps_new02Model 265CPS Charge Plate System Discontinued Replaced with 282CPS

The fast, easy, low-cost way to monitor ionizer effectiveness.  Utilizes the Model 265A-1 fieldmeter. Correlates closely to Model 268A-1Charged Plate  Analyzer which meets ESD Association Standard No. 3. The Model 265CPS consists  of a floating plate and an 1100-volt portable charger. Simply snap the plate  onto the fieldmeter, touch the charger to the plate, and hold the fieldmeter in  the ionizer airflow. Performs go/no-go, electrical-balance, and decay-rate tests  of ionizers. Charger uses 9-volt battery.

Feature 1: Correlates closely to charged plate monitor
Feature 2: Performs go / no-go, balance, and decay tests
Feature 3: Includes dual polarity charger, adapter, and carrying case

Charger Size 3.75 x 2.88 x 1 inch
Weight charger:  2.8 oz.; plate assembly:  1.5 oz.
Power Requirements 9 volt NEDA #1604A or equivalent alkaline
Plate Capacitance approximately 9pf
Output ±1100VDC, <1microamp max.

Model 265CPS Products and  Accessories

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Model 265CPS Charge Plate System MMF0280