PCB Hand Held Carrier

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PCBHandHeldCarrierPCB Hand Held Carrier

The safe, efficient way to carry delicate printed circuit boards. System features adjustable panels with 5/8” (13mm) slide spacing that accommodate boards up to 1/8” (9mm) thick. These hand-held units carry up to 20 full-size boards; optional double-sided center panels increase capacity of carriers.

Three width sizes available to accommodate additional center panels.

Stackable design permits up to three carriers of the same size to be stacked vertically, saving floor space; or can be transported and stored on Metro® Kitting Carts.

Hi-temperature phenolic knobs can be used in applications with up to 400°F continuous temperatures.

ESD Classification: Conductive

Part # Size WxLxH Max. PCB Size, Qty. Approx. Wgt.
HCBC11C 12.5”x17.5”x18.2”(315x445x460mm) 13”x 12”(330x305mm): 20 10lbs. (4.5kg)
HCBC13C 12.5”x24.25”x18.2”(315x615x460mm) 19.25”x 12”(490x305mm): 20 10.8lbs. (4.8kg)
Part # Size WxL Description
HCBCP2C 12.5”x.88”(315×20.3mm) Double Sided Center Panel 6lbs. (2.7kg)