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Horizontal Hold Carts, CBL Style, Heavy Duty



Horizontal Hold Carts, CBL Style, HEAVY DUTY

High-density cart with 3/8″ (8mm) deep slides for positive board capture provide 48 levels for circuit boards and 11/16″ (18mm) on center spacing for volume loading.  Center panel (included) features slides on both sides.  Slides accept boards up to 22-1/2″ (571mm) long and up to 1/2″ (12.7mm) thick.  Standard units includes two end, and one center panel.

Panels slide along side frames to the exact width of the boards.  Holding knobs at each panel corner are manually tightened to hold panels securely in place.  To accommodate boards from 3” to 22-1/2” deep, the vertical stop bar on the face of each panel can be placed in any location along the face of the panel.

ESD Classification: Conductive

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Download Specifications for Horizontal Hold Cart (70kb)

Part Number Size WxLxH Max. Board Size; Qty Approx. Wgt.
HCBL536BC 24”x36”x68”(61x91x173cm) 22.5”x30.25”

(571x768mm):  48

105lbs.  (47.2kg)
HCBL556BC 24”x48”x68”(61x122x173cm) 22.5”x42.25”

(571x1073mm):  48

120lbs.  (54.1kg)
Double Sided Center Panel for CBL Horizontal Hold Carts
HCBLP2 23.5”x37.25”x1.625”(60x95x4cm) see note 2 24lbs.  (10.8kg)
Note 1:  Capacity for holding 11.5” (292mm) boards is 96.
Note 2:  Capacity for holding 11.5” (292mm) boards with one double sided center panel is 192.