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accessories_01Label Holders
Easy identification of shelf contents
Available in 4 styles and variety of sizes: 1 1/4″, Clear, Slanted

Label Size Fits Gray Clear Gray Slanted
3 x 1.25 all H9990P H9990CL H9990SL
13 x 1.25 18 H9990P1 H9990CL1 H9990SL1
19 x 1.25 24 H9990P2 H9990CL2 H9990SL2
25 x 1.25 30 H9990P30 H9990CL30 H9990SL30
31 x 1.25 36 H9990P3 H9990CL3 H9990SL3
43 x 1.25 48 H9990P4 H9990CL4 H9990SL4
55 x 1.25 60 H9990P5 H9990CL5 H9990SL5
3 x 1.25 all Conductive Label Holder H9990PESD
37 x 1.25 Conductive Label Holder H9990P6ESD


accessories_04Color Identification Tubes
Tubes slip onto posts of assembled shelving units
Provides color-coded organization to shelf contents
All 8” long

Yellow Flame Black Grey White


accessories_15Color Shelf Markers
6″ colored storage identification markers, available in six colors, differentiate stored products; easily mount to shelving

Blue Green Red Tan White Yellow Gray


accessories_02Shelf Ledges

For stationary or mobile installations, stackable ledges prevent items from protruding or falling from shelves.  In many cases a one-inch ledge will serve the purpose while allowing access to the shelf from all sides.  When a higher ledge is needed, the four-inch size can be used.  For enclosure of the entire back of a shelving unit, rods and tabs ( details below ) can be used.

1” High Shelf Ledges Side and Back
Lgth Chrome Price Stainless
14 HL14N-1C $ 8.80 HL14N-1S
18 HL18N-1C $ 9.60 HL18N-1S
21 HL21N-1C $10.30 HL21N-1S
24 HL24N-1C $11.00 HL24N-1S
30 HL30N-1C $12.90 HL30N-1S
36 HL36N-1C $14.30 HL36N-1S
42 HL42N-1C $14.70 HL42N-1S
48 HL48N-1C $15.00 HL48N-1S
54 HL54N-1C $17.60 HL54N-1S
60 HL60N-1C $17.60 HL60N-1S
72 HL72N-1C $18.25 HL72N-1S
4” High Shelf Ledges Side and Back
Lgth Chrome Price Stainless
14 HL14N-4C $11.75 HL14N-4S
18 HL18N-4C $12.90 HL18N-4S
21 HL21N-4C $13.60 HL21N-4S
24 HL24N-4C $14.30 HL24N-4S
30 HL30N-4C $16.90 HL30N-4S
36 HL36N-4C $18.25 HL36N-4S
42 HL42N-4C $23.25 HL42N-4S
48 HL48N-4C $23.25 HL48N-4S
54 HL54N-4C $24.65 HL54N-4S
60 HL60N-4C $24.65 HL60N-4S
72 HL72N-4C $29.65 HL72N-4S
Note:  actual shelf length approx. 1” shorter than nominal listed


accessories_03Shelf Dividers

Shelf dividers enable you to compartmentalize shelves and help keep shelf contents orderly.  Because they snap into place they can be positioned are repositioned to exact size of the section needed.  All are 8” (203mm) high.

Shelf Width Chrome Part # Stainless Part #
14 HDD14C HDD14S
18 HDD18C HDD18S
21 HDD21C HDD21S
24 HDD24C HDD24S
30 HDD30C HDD30S
36 HDD36C HDD36S


accessories_05Rod with Tab

Rods hook over wires of top shelf and are attached to each of the other shelves with spring-clip tabs.  Each rod requires one tab for each shelf except the top shelf.  Rods are shipped with sufficient tabs for a 4-shelf unit.  Additional tabs can be ordered under part # H9084Z.

Rods can form side and back enclosures for a shelving unit, or can serve as uniform dividers by passing through shelves from top to bottom.

Recommended spacing: every 6″ (150mm) to 12″ (305mm)

Min Post Hgt. Chrome Part # Stainless Part #
54 HR52C HR52S
63 HR61C HR63S
74 HR72C HR72S
86 HR84C HR84S


accessories_08Shelf Slides
Attaches easily to shelf with support brackets.
Spaced to fit any width container or tote box.


accessories_09One-Piece Slides
Formed from a solid aluminum sheet, which attaches to the shelf with support brackets.
They serve to cover a tote box when in the closed position.


accessories_10Foot Plates

Replaces the leveling bolt on the base of SiteSelect posts.  Used when units are to be bolted to the floor or, without bolts when a broader foot is desired.

Zinc:         Part # H9993Z,   
Stainless:  Part # H9993S,   


Fit over leveling bolt to protect tile floors
Part # H9991P,   


accessories_12Post Clamps
For maximum strength in adjacent shelving units, the post clamp is recommended.  With it, each unit is supported by four posts and buttressed by the adjacent unit.
Part # H9994Z,   


accessories_13Hole Plugs
Used to fill shelf corner openings where posts have been eliminated by use of “S” hooks
Part # H9997C,