FibreStat 2000

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Product Description

TrayCartMolded Fiber Glass Tray Company (MFG)’s FibreStat 2000 is a specifically formulated composite material that gives permanent ESD properties to a wide variety of trays, boxes, and pallets used in conveyor and rack handling applications for electronic component production and assembly.  MFG offers over 200 standard, off-the-shelf material handling products to meet the customer’s need to convey, carry, accumulate, and warehouse a variety of static sensitive parts or assemblies.

In accordance with ASTM D-257 tests, the FibreStat 2000 materials meet the surface resistivity requirements of Static Dissipative (Grey in color )or Conductive (Black in color).  MFG’s trays, boxes, and pallets protect electronic components, assemblies, loaded printed circuit boards and other static sensitive parts without requiring surface treatment.

Click here to download MFG’s ESD Catalog showing popular sizes and configurations.