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Coil Ground Cords


6-ft and 12-ft Coiled Ground Leads, fit 10mm Male Snaps


Grounding cords are fundamental to any complete ESD grounding system. Our grounding cord products include coiled wires in 6-ft and 12-ft extended  lengths. All are manufactured from the finest quality materials, and all are unsurpassed in dependability. These versatile grounding cords are the industry standard and have an exceptionally long service life. Each grounding cord is date and lot-coded for total quality control and auditing.

EconoCoil6-ft # GWHC306C and 12-ft # GWHC310C

    • FeaturesNylon strain relief

      2.5mm dia Coils

    • BenefitsWithstands in excess of 100,000 flexes without breaking
Specification for Static-Garde Coil Ground Cords:

Compatibility: Above Ground Cords require 10 mm (3/8” nominal) Male Snap for interconnection.
Electrical Properties: Current – Minimum current carrying capacity 25Ma. Resistance: End-to-end resistance less than 50 ohms, excluding resistor. Standard resistor – 1 megohm, ¼ watt
Inner Core: 4 Strands of T3161 tinsel with polyester core
Outer Insulator: Insulative to more than 300 megohms measured at 1KV DC
Strain Relief: Specially designed, extending between 15-20mm at both ends molded from nylon. Tested to more than 200,000 flexes without any detrimental effect.
Snap/Sizes: 10mm Female. All metal parts are non-rusting – tested to U.S. MIL STD 202 Method 101
Meets or exceeds: DOD-HDBK-263; DOD-STD-1686; EOS/ESD STD No. 1-1987; EN10015/1

Static-Garde Coil Ground Cord Products and Accessories

Cord Only Part Number Unit Price
Coil Ground Cord, 6 ft., 10 mm Female snap GWHC306C  $ 4.90
Coil Ground Cord, 12 ft., 10 mm Female snap GWHC310C  $ 6.00