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StatMat 2-Ply Rubber

Offering excellent resistance to abrasion, chemicals, and heat.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

W45MatStatMat 2-Ply Rubber

STATIC-GARDE  WPR Static dissipative floor mats are constructed of 2-ply rubber with reflection breaking embossed surface to reduce glare.  The static dissipative top layer is backed by a conductive layer to deliver outstanding electrical performance.  The WPR offers excellent resistance to hot solder, soldering irons, and most solvents.

Static-Garde WPR runners are packaged 50 foot per roll in widths of 36″, and 48″.  Orders will be cut to desired lengths from these standard length rolls.

***Cut Pieces are subject to available stock, Full 50′ Rolls are always available. Please see 2Ply Rubber. (available in different widths and 4 colors.) PLEASE NOTE: Shipping cost depend on weight and size of material as well as shipping address, this product does not apply to our $15 Flat rate shipping offered in cart.


Install using Sigaway Original adhesive netting, Siga Circuit and Siga Copper Tape or Sigaway Electronic and Siga Copper Tape


Resistance to Groundable Point: 1x10E6 < Rtg < 1x10E8
Resistance between Two Points on Surface: 1x10E7 < Rtt < 1x10E9
Charge Decay from 5Kv to 50V: (FTMS 101C Method 4046)  <0.01 seconds
Hardness 75 +or- 5 Shore A
Heat Resistance: Excellent
Chemical Resistance: Excellent


WPR StatMat 2-Ply Rubber Products and Accessories

Description Part Number Linear Foot Price
36”wide StatMat 2-Ply Rubber matting, Blue WPR1836 $ 24 ORDER PAGE
48”wide StatMat 2-Ply Rubber matting, Blue WPR1848 $ 31
36”wide StatMat 2-Ply Rubber matting, Gray WPR5836 $ 24
48”wide StatMat 2-Ply Rubber matting, Gray WPR5848 $ 30
*One (1) ground lead is recommended for each 10 linear feet for optimum performance. Low Profile Ground leads must be attached to the mats with 3/8″ Female snaps, part number GWHC30F or GWHC31F