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Simplex Cleanrooms and Enclosures

Modular CleanroomsCleanrooms and enclosures from Simplex are ideal for a variety of applications. With Simplex the possibilities are endless. From ISO 8 (class 100,000 to ISO 4 class 10) Simplex can custom fabricate a cleanroom to meet your application and configuration needs.

The AirLock enclosure was the first cleanroom to incorporate a hybrid design that allowed users to utilize either the traditional hardwall inserts or the less expensive but just as effective softwall inserts.

Simplex Isolation Systems designs cleanrooms and isolation enclosures for use in a variety of industries, including medical equipment manufacturing, assembly and packaging, electronics assembly, aerospace, computers, research, food preparation and processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing and much more.

Simplex cleanrooms and enclosures are distinguished by several features incorporated in all our enclosures:

Modular constructionSimplex enclosures are designed to easily expand as your need for clean space increases. Start with a 10′ x 10′ enclosure, and when your needs expand, purchase additional components and expand your existing cleanroom or enclosure.

Custom DesignEach room is custom designed in our factory,based on your specific needs.

Easy AssemblyMost enclosures assemble with an allen wrench, mallet and drill and go together quickly. Assembly generally requires only two people. All hardware is included.

Quality MaterialsChoose from a variety of materials, including quality extruded aluminum framings and a selection of hardwall materials or vinyl softwalls.

Sound ConstructionSimplex enclosures are built to last. Heavy-duty framing is available for larger applications. Several ceiling options support as many HEPA filters as you need.