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Simplex Air Block Isolation Systems


Isolation SystemWe offer a solution to your problem!
Since 1979 Simplex Isolation Systems has been  working hard to help companies like yours to solve hundreds of problems. We work  closely with you to determine the best cleanroom softwall products  for your specific needs.We offer you more options than virtually any other company! Our patented*, state-of-the-art AIRBLOCK Door Systems have been custom engineered to provide you:

  • Faster, easier installations
  • Easiest entry with non-stick strips
  • Outstanding visibility
  • Approval by Fire Marshall

Whether you need a brand new installation or expansion of an existing area,  we can service your order in record time. If you don’t see what you  need on  these pages, call us toll-free and we’ll help you to select or custom design the  system that is best suited to your needs!

*Patent No. 4, 312,396. Other Patents Pending

Bi-folding CurtainsBifolding Curtains

AirLock Doors are pre-hung in their frames for quick and easy installation  and are available in the same material as the AirLock walls

Bi-folding curtain – Available with anodized aluminum, galvanized or stainless steel track.

Options include various thicknesses and materials and a choice of magnetic or  Dual Lock Velcro closers. Heat sealed pleats are available  to allow the curtain to fold to a compact size when space is at a minimum

Strip DoorsStrip Entrance Doors

Available in many widths, thicknesses and colors. Features the exclusive Simplex clear/frost non-stick design for easy personnel and equipment  passage.

Air Block – Non-Stick Strip Doors by Simplex – Strip entrance doors are available in several strip widths, thicknesses and  colors. Special non-stick  strip design makes this the easiest strip door to walk through.

AirBlock Softwall System

The simplex “AirBlock” system is a clear improvement in cleanroom softwall technology. Because it is versatile, Airblock can be used to  create any class of  cleanroom from class 100,000 down to class 100.

More versatile and economical than permanent wall partitions, AirBlock can be used to create portable softwall rooms, laminar flow hoods, wet  bench shrouds, and divide areas in existing rooms to achieve greater cleanliness.

Revolutionary New Mounting System

Our attractive and durable mounting tracks easily install to any surface. The  patented design allows you to simply slide the vinyl into the track.  They automatically overlap every time. The modular design can easily be moved or added on to as your needs change. .Mounting System

Questions? Ready to order?  E-mail us or call C.C. Steven at 805-658-0207