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NewFaceMaskEar Loop Masks are made of soft,non-woven polypropylene. The 3 -ply pleated design offers  0.05 micron filtration at greater than 99%. A full length flat aluminum wire  forms comfortably to the nose and face to maintain an excellent fit for maximum  filtration.  Masks are fluid resistant and disposable.  The Ear Loop Mask fits  snugly around the ears with elastic loops.  Tie-On Masks are secured with two  pair of polypropylene ties. MASKS ARE LATEX FREE.Color:  Blue, White
Packaging:  50 masks per pack, 20 packs per  case, 1,000 total per case
Medical,  dental, cleanroom, critical environment, food handling/production, industrial  manufacturing.

Description Product  ID Qty/UM Unit Price
Ear Loop Mask, Blue SAPP0340-B-BG 1,000/case $ 86.00 / case ORDER NOW
Ear Loop Mask, White SAPP0340-W-BG 1,000/case $ 86.00 / case ORDER NOW


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Face Mask

Ear Loop Face Mask, Blue SAPP0340-B-BG 1,000/case, Ear Loop Face Mask, White SAPP0340-W-BG 1,000/case