Homogenous Static Dissipative Vinyl Matting

Solid Vinyl offers durability

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

WOOMatWOO Homogenous Vinyl


  •  Features
    Made in the USA
    Offered in blue or gray
    Available as mats or 50’ rolls
    Top quality Vinyl construction
  • Benefits
    Controls static build up
    Lays flat for low profile
    Easy to clean and maintain

Homogenous ESD control mats are made of single, homogenous solid flexible vinyl which is electrically static dissipative.  The mats deliver strength and long wearing characteristics desirable in a table top matting.  The mat is easy to clean with mild soap and water without affecting the electrical properties.

Homogenous matting is available in rolls up to 50-ft in length, or cut to size from stocked 24″, 30”, 36”, and 48” wide rolls. Multiply the quantity of mats needed times the length of the mat to determine how many linear feet will be billed.

***Cut Pieces are subject to available stock, Full Rolls are available. Roll pricing by request. PLEASE NOTE: Shipping cost depend on weight and size of material as well as shipping address, we can ship via your shipping number or add to order total, this product does not apply to our $15 Flat rate shipping offered in cart.


Resistance to Groundable Point:6x10E8 < RTG < 9x10E9
Resistance between Two Points on Surface:7x10E8 < RTT < 9x10E9
Hardness:(ASTM D 2240)  75 Shore A
Tensile Strength:(ASTM D 412)  >700 psi nominal
Elongation:(ASTM D 412) >200% at break nominal

WOO Homogenous Vinyl Products and Accessories

DescriptionPart NumberLinear Foot Price
 .090″ x 24″ Blue Static Dissipative Vinyl Matting WOO1924Call for PriceORDER  NOW
 .090″ x 30″ Blue Static Dissipative Vinyl Matting WOO1930 Call for Price
 .090″ x 36″ Blue Static Dissipative Vinyl Matting WOO1936 Call for Price
 .090″ x 48″ Blue Static Dissipative Vinyl Matting WOO1948 Call for Price
 .090″ x 24″ Gray  Static Dissipative Vinyl Matting WOO2924 Call for Price
 .090″ x 30″ Gray  Static Dissipative Vinyl Matting WOO2930 Call for Price
 .090″ x 36″ Gray  Static Dissipative Vinyl Matting WOO2936 Call for Price
 .090″ x 48″ Gray  Static Dissipative Vinyl Matting WOO2948 Call for Price
*One (1) ground lead is recommended for each 10 linear feet for optimum performance. Common Point Ground leads must be attached to the mats with 3/8″ Female snaps, part number GWHC30F or GWHC31F

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