Simco-ION Charged Plate – Model 280A


Product Description

Simco-ION Charged Plate – MODEL 280A

Simco-Ion’s Model 280A incorporates enhanced circuitry that enables it to more accurately measure the performance of high frequency AC ionizers, as well as pulsed DC ionizers and steady-state DC ionizers. The Model 280A, built on the Model 280 platform, incorporates enhanced circuitry that enables it to more accurately measure the performance of high frequency AC ionizers. The architecture of the Model 280A simplifies testing in open or enclosed environments. The detachable plate and programmable automated test sequencing offer remote testing capability, allowing multiple tests without opening an enclosure to reset the instrument. The Model 280A can be used as a portable CPM and is capable for of up to 6 hours of operation on the internal battery before recharge. It has enough memory for storage of over 1000 tests and more than 100 individual test locations. Features Benefits

• Enhanced circuitry bandwidth to measure high frequency AC ionizers

• Increased dynamic range to capture AC ionization performance

• Improved plate capacitance accuracy

• Provides more accurate decay times

• User programmable test protocol

• Manual mode or automated test sequencing

• Delayed start

• Reduces operator induced field distortion and allows airflow settling

• AC line input or battery operation

• Portability for easy movement in a variety of test locations

• CPM comes with 6” detachable plate

• Ideal for mini-environments, and inside process tools

• Built-in temperature and humidity sensors

• Accurately documents environmental test conditions

• Onboard data archiving memory

• Onboard memory holds test data with ability to download data for records or analysis

• Digital LCD display

• Easy to read and interpret data screen

Programmable Tests and Data Storage The Model 280A can be easily programmed to perform a series of tests. Measurements include discharge time for both positive and negative polarities, balance voltage and swing voltage. Multiple measurements of any or all of the parameters can be automatically recorded at each location. A programmable “measure pause interval” allows the user time to walk away from the instrument before the measurement begins, incorporating an automated settling time into the test sequence. The results can be recorded for each location and the data downloaded to a computer for analysis, archiving and graphing. The charge plate is detachable, and has a variety of mounting options. A 6” charge plate comes standard with unit and a 1” charge plate is available for environments where space is limited and the application does not require strict adherence to the ESDA Standard SMT3.1 for usage of a 6” charge plate. These options provide flexibility and ease-of-use in a variety of environments, including minienvironments. Advanced Instrument Design As ionization technologies have advanced over the years, new demands have been placed on the capabilities and features of the charged plate monitors used to evaluate them. Additional and improved features have been incorporated into the Model 280A Charged Plate Monitor which improve the accuracy of the plate measurements and enable the unit to measure higher frequency AC ionizers. This instrument may be used to make measurements described in the ESD Association Standard ANSI/ESD STM3.1.


Digital Charged Plate Monitor, Model 280A for High Frequency Ionizers (MP Technology), Software and Carrying Case Included, Calibration Certificate Sold Separately at Time of Purchase- Price for unit $5762.00 USD, calibration certificate and accessories available. Request pricing at or call 805-658-0207


Power Input IEC type AC power input jack Input Voltage 90-250 VAC 50/60 Hz @ 12W Battery Operation Up to 6 hours with 12V internal rechargeable battery Battery Charging Time <8 hours to >90% capacity Monitor/Control Interface RS-232 Charging Voltage ±10 to ±1000V differential, adjust 10-100V in 1V increments Zero Stability <100 mV/sec Timer 0.1-999.9 sec in 0.1 sec increments; 1000-9999 sec in 1 sec increments Start Voltages 1000V ±0.3% standard, adj. between 10-1000V in 1V increments Stop Voltage 100V ±3% standard, adj. between 0-995 in 1V increments Peak Displays Positive and negative peak voltage during float mode Graphical Display 240 X 64, backlight LCD, character/graphic Voltage Display 3.5 digits; ±1.0V resolution Timer Display 4 digits Accuracy Electrometer ±0.1% reading, ±1.0V referred to input Bandwidth 1 kHz at 20 Vp-p, 10 Hz at 2000 Vp-p, response <10 mSec Zero Drift <100 mV/sec Plate Self-discharge <200 mV/sec Charged Plate Capacitance 20 pF, ±5% (not including strays) Operating Temperature 5-35°C (41-95°F) Temperature Sensor ±2°C (3.6°F), typ. Humidity Sensor ±5% typ from 10% to 80% RH @ 25°C (77°F) Dimensions 11W x 9L x 5H in. (27.9 x 22.9 x 12.7 cm) Weight 12.5 lb (5.7 kg) Warranty 2-year limited warranty
Certifications CE