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Pocket Resistivity Meter, Low Cost, LED Indicators

264a_new02Model 264A Pocket Resistivity Meter by Monroe/Trek

***DISCONTINUED-Call or email us for technical help for replacement unit***

Testing static control devices and products cannot be easier.

Combining pocket-size convenience, affordability and ASTM sensing technique the Model 264A is just what you need to spot defective static control devices and materials in your production areas.

Resistivity is measured by placing the Model 264A’s parallel electrode rails completely in contact with the material under test.  The geometry of the electrode assembly is such that the current flows from one rail, across the material, to the other rail is a direct indication of the material’s resistivity, which is read on the LED display.

In the resistance measuring mode, current flows from ground through the resistive material to the measurement electrode.

Feature 1: Extended range to 10^12
Feature 2: Measures both resistivity and resistance to ground
Feature 3: Uses ASTM sensing technique

Size 2.4×1.3×3.8 inches (6.1×3.3×9.7 cm)
Weight 4 oz (113 gm) including battery
Power Requirements 9-volt, Eveready #216 or equivalent NEDA #1604
Meter Range 10^5 to 10^12 ohms or ohms / square
Electrode Type: Parallel bar type
Display Type: 8-decade LED
Accuracy ±½ decade

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