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Portable Surface Resistivity Meter, LED Indicators

262a_newModel 262A-1 Portable Surface Resistivity Meter

The handy, ASTM-standard way to check static control products.

The Model 262A-1 provides convenient, accurate testing of resistance / resistivity of products ranging from ESD Shielding Bags to static dissipative mats to conductive surfaces.  The LED decade display minimizes the chance of reading error.

Designed to produce fast, repeatable measurements of both surface  resistivity and resistance to ground. Featuring automatic ranging from 10^4 to  10^14 ohms or ohms per square and ±1/2 decade accuracy, the Model 262A-1 checks  resistivity specifications on static control products such as ESD shielding  bags, static dissipative mats and conductive work surfaces and checks continuity  of work surface to ground. The fully portable, battery-operated unit provides 8  hours steady use. Conforms to ASTM D-257 standard by using recommended parallel  bar sensing probe.

Feature 1: Meets ASTM Standard D257
Feature 2: Convenient and accurate for survey work
Feature 3: No cables or probes

Size 4 x 3.5 x 5.75 inches (10 x 9 x 15 cm)
Weight 2 lbs., 9 oz. (1.2kg)
Power Requirements Rechargeable battery with 100, 120 or 230 VAC adapter/charger  supplied
Meter Range 10 ^4 to 10 ^14 ohms or ohms/square
Electrode Type: Parallel bar type designed to ASTM D-257
Measuring Voltage: Measuring voltage Above 10 ^5 ohms or ohms/ 100 volts : 10 ^4 and 10 ^5  ohms or ohms/ 10 volts
Display Type: 11-decade LED measurement display plus low-battery LED
Accuracy ± 1/2 decade

Model 262A-1 Resistivity Meter Products and  Accessories

Description Part Number Unit Price Monroe #
Model 262A-1 Portable Surface Resistivity Meter, 110V MME0307 $ 895.00 0900149 ORDER NOW
Model 262A-1 Portable Surface Resistivity Meter, 100V MME0317 $ 925.00 0900158 ORDER NOW
Model 262A-1 Portable Surface Resistivity Meter, 220V MME0327 $ 925.00 0900152 ORDER NOW

Comes Standard with guarded ring electrodeWeight: 5 lbs.  (2.3kg)

Outer ring electrode dimensions: 2.25 inches (5.7cm) ID and 0.125  inches (0.32cm) thick

Inner electrode disc diameter: 1.2 inches (3.0  cm)

Electrode/meter cable length: 3 feet (0.9 m)

Accessories Part Number Unit Price  Monroe #
Replacement Battery Charger 110V MPITB-67 $  65.00  9320029 ORDER NOW
Replacement Battery Charger 220V MILTH28 $ 75.00  9320028 ORDER NOW
Replacement Battery Charger 100V M433 $   50.00  8320011 ORDER NOW
Reference Test Fixture kit M262RVK $ 150.00  0960038 ORDER NOW
Replacement Rail Kit MMEP309 $   95.00  0910049 ORDER NOW
5# Weight Set for Resistance Measurement MMEP307 $ 210.00  0920170 ORDER NOW


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