Model 289-1


Product Description

Static Locator, Low Cost, LED Indicator

289_new02Model 289-1 Static Locator

Maximum performance at an affordable price

Perfect for static surveys, the Model 289-1 with its HI-RES bar-graph display quickly reads either positive or negative values up to 10kV or as low as under 100Volts.  Integrating proven measurement techniques with the latest technology, the Model 289-1 fills the need for floor supervisor’s spot checks for static challenges.

* Static-free workstations — for frequent surveys of production areas

* Converting, printing, laminating, or coating operations — to spot static buildups before it spots your product or slows your production

Feature 1: High Speed 16 Segment Bar-Graph Display
Feature 2: Inexpensive
Feature 3: Easy to Use

Size 4.2 X 2.4 X 0.9 inches ( 10.7 X 6.1 X 2.3 cm)
Weight 4 oz (113 gm) with battery
Power Requirements 9 volt, Eveready #216 or equivalent NEDA #1604
Meter Range ± 100 volts to ± 10,000 volts at one inch
Display Type: 16-segment LED bar-graph
Accuracy ± 10% at the trip points

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