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Stat-Arc II Static Meter, Analog Indicator

265a_new02Model 265A-1 Analog Stat-Arc II Meter : DISCONTINUED PRODUCT

The affordable, versatile answer to your static detection and measurement needs.

The Model 265A-1 is the easy, convenient way to get reliable, accurate answers for a wide range of applications such as:

* Static-free workstations — to check operation of grounding and ionization

* Converters, printers, coaters — to locate sources of static build-up and check operation of ionization systems

Dry particle transport — to check for flawed grounding of pipes and ducts.

Chopper stabilized for use in ionized environments, this  pocket-sized fieldmeter takes quick, accurate measurements without continual  rezeroing. Switch-selectable dual range measures 0 to 1 kV at 1 inch from  surface and 0 to 3 kV at 4 inches or 0 to 10 kV at 1 inch and 0 to 30 kV at 4  inches on 10X range. Ideal for manufacturing environments where ionization  equipment is in use.

Feature 1: Chopper Stabilized and Drift-free Even in an Ionized Environment
Feature 2: Dual Range Meter for Easy Reading
Feature 3: Extra wide 0 to ± 30kV Range

Size 4 x 2.6 x 1.3 inches (10.2 x 6.6 x 3.3 cm)
Weight 6 oz. (170gm)
Power Requirements 9 volt, Eveready #216 or equivalent NEDA #1604
Meter Range ± 1 or 10kV at 1 inch or ± 3 or 30kV at 4 inches
Display Type: Analog meter
Output: Analog output, Full scale meter reading = 1 volt 10 k ohms  impedance
Accuracy Better than 10% of Reading

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