Monroe Model 268A-1 Charge Plate Monitor

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268a_newModel 268A-1 Has Been Discontinued – Replacement Model Coming Soon.  Monroe Model 268A-1 Charge Plate  Monitor

Provides quick and easy evaluation of ionization equipment to ESD  Association Standard No. 3 The simple-to-use unit features two modes of  operation. The normal mode evaluates the effectiveness of room ionization,  laminar flow hoods, table top ionization and air guns and nozzles as described  in the ESD Association standard, including static decay timing and system  balance monitoring. The peak mode reads and holds either the positive or  negative peak reading on the charged plate. This is useful for monitoring  maximum DC voltage swings in pulsed DC ionization systems. The Model 268A-1  features two switch-selectable ranges 0 to ±2,000 V or 0 to ±5,000 V with  automatically set trip points to begin and end static decay tests. The isolated  charge plate/probe assembly is removable and is fitted with a tripod mount for  easy positioning.

Feature 1: Two ranges measure from 0 to ± 5kV
Feature 2: Removable cable connected plate/probe permits precise positioning and remote  monitoring
Feature 3: Separate time and voltage displays for decay rate  analysis

Size (W x H x D) 6.75″ H x 6.75″ W x 9.50″ D
Weight 5lbs
Power Requirements 105 to 130 VAC, 47 to 63 Hz or ± 10% of 220VAC, 47 to 63Hz
Meter Range Selectable 0 to ± 5000V, 0 to ± 1000V
Plate Capacitance to Ground 20 Picofarads +/- 2 pf
Drift: <0.4% per hour, non cumulative after 10 minutes of stabilization
Output: 1/1000 of plate voltage
Trip Points: Selectable ± 1000 volts to 100 volts, ± 5000 volts to ± 500 volts – also see  available options
Accuracy Better than 2% of reading

Model 268A-1 Charge Plate Monitor Products and  Accessories

Description Part Number
Model 268A-1 Charge Plate Monitor, 110V MME0313
Model 268A-1 Charge Plate Monitor, 100V MME0303
Model 268A-1 Charge Plate Monitor, 220V MME0323
Model 268A-1T Charge Plate Monitor, 100V, Adjustable Timer MME0303T
Model 268A-1T Charge Plate Monitor, 110V, Adjustable Timer MME0313T
Model 268A-1T Charge Plate Monitor, 220V, Adjustable Timer MME0323T

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