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ShelvingCartSuper Erecta Carts

Super Erecta® carts are built for strength, versatility, and durability.
Shelves hold totes or sub assemblies securely, and can be adjusted at 1” (25mm) intervals.
Open wire surfaces minimize dust buildup and increase air circulation and visibility.
Configuration possibilities include solid or wire shelves and a selection of swivel, rigid, or brake-type casters for maximum maneuverability.

ESD Classification: Non-Conductive (Units can be made conductive with use of 1 bag of aluminum split sleeves per shelf and a grounding cable or conductive casters.)

To configure your Super Erecta Cart, combine your desired shelf size and quantities from our  Super Erecta Wire Shelves below, pick four of the SiteSelect Posts for Stem Casters in your desired height below, and choose your casters below based upon load capacity desired.

Super Erecta Wire Shelves

H1424NC 14”x24”(355x610mm) 6lbs. (2.7kg)
H1430NC 14”x30”(355x760mm) 7lbs. (3.2kg)
H1436NC 14”x36”(355x914mm) 8lbs. (3.6kg)
H1442NC 14”x42”(355x1066mm) 9.5lbs. (4.3kg)
H1448NC 14”x48”(355x1220mm) 10.5lbs. (4.7kg)
H1460NC 14”x60”(355x1524mm) 14lbs. (6.3kg)
H1472NC 14”x72”(355x1829mm) 17lbs. (7.7kg)
H1818NC 18”x18”(457x457mm) 6lbs. (2.7kg)
H1824NC 18”x24”(457x610mm) 7lbs. (3.2kg)
H1830NC 18”x30”(457x760mm) 8lbs. (3.6kg)
H1836NC 18”x36”(457x914mm) 9.5lbs. (4.3kg)
H1842NC 18”x42”(457x1066mm) 11lbs. (5.0kg)
H1848NC 18”x48”(457x1220mm) 12lbs. (5.4kg)
H1854NC 18”x54”(457x1370mm) 14.6lbs. (6.6kg)
H1860NC 18”x60”(457x1524mm) 17lbs. (72.7kg)
H1872NC 18”x72”(457x1829mm) 20lbs. (9.1kg)
H2124NC 21”x24”(530x610mm) 8lbs. (3.6kg)
H2130NC 21”x30”(530x760mm) 9.5lbs. (4.3kg)
H2136NC 21”x36”(530x914mm) 11lbs. (5.0kg)
H2142NC 21”x42”(530x1066mm) 12lbs. (5.4kg)
H2148NC 21”x48”(530x1220mm) 14lbs. (6.4kg)
H2154NC 21”x54”(530x1370mm) 16lbs. (7.3kg)
H2160NC 21”x60”(530x1524mm) 18lbs. (8.2kg)
H2172NC 21”x72”(530x1829mm) 24lbs. (10.9kg)
H2424NC 24”x24”(610x610mm) 9lbs. (4.1kg)
H2430NC 24”x30”(610x760mm) 11lbs. (5.0kg)
H2436NC 24”x36”(610x914mm) 13lbs. (5.9kg)
H2442NC 24”x42”(610x1066mm) 15lbs. (6.8kg)
H2448NC 24”x48”(610x1220mm) 16lbs. (7.3kg)
H2454NC 24”x54”(610x1370mm) 19lbs. (8.6kg)
H2460NC 24”x60”(610x1524mm) 21lbs. (9.5kg)
H2472NC 24”x72”(610x1829mm) 26lbs. (11.8kg)
SiteSelect Posts for Stem Casters
Part # Size Approx. Wgt.
H27UP 28.75” (730mm) ) 1.8lbs. (0.8kg)
H33UP 33.88” (861mm) ) 2lbs. (0.9kg)
H54UP 54” (1370mm) ) 3lbs. (1.4kg)
H63UP 62” (1575mm) ) 3.5lbs. (1.6kg)
H74UP 74” (1880mm) ) 4lbs.  1.8kg)
H86UP 86” (2185mm) ) 4.5lbs. (2kg)
Note:  These posts come without leveling bolts to accommodate stem casters.
Super Erecta Stem Casters
Part # Size Diameter x Face Type:  Load Rating Approx. Wgt.
H4LD 4”(102mm)x 0.5”(12mm) Swivel: 125lbs. (56kg) 1.5lbs. (0.6kg)
H5LD 5”(127mm)x 0.2”(12mm) Swivel: 125lbs. (56kg) 2lbs. (0.9kg)
H5M 5”(127mm)x .25”(32mm) Swivel: 200lbs. (91kg) 2.5lbs. (1.1kg)
H5MB 5”(127mm)x1.25”(32mm) Swivel: 200lbs. (91kg) 2.7lbs. (1.2kg)
H5MR 5”(127mm)x1.25”(32mm) Rigid: 200lbs. (91kg) 3.5lbs. (1.5kg)
H5MDA 5”(127mm)x1.25”(32mm) Swivel: 250lbs. (111kg) 2.5lbs. (1.1kg)
H5MDBA 5”(127mm)x 1.25”(32mm) Brake: 250lbs. (111kg) 2.6lbs. (1.2kg)
H5MDRA 5”(127mm)x1.25”(32mm) Rigid: 250lbs. (111kg) 2.4lbs. (1.1kg)
H5MP 5”(127mm)x1.25”(32mm) Swivel: 300lbs. (135kg) 2.2lbs. (1kg)
H5MPB 5”(127mm)x .25”(32mm) Brake: 300lbs. (135kg) 2.3lbs.  1kg)
H5MPR 5”(127mm) x1.25”(32mm) Rigid: 300lbs. (135kg) 2lbs. (0.9kg)
H5PC 5”(127mm)x1.25”(32mm) Swivel: 300lbs. (135kg) 2lbs. (0.9kg)
H5PCB 5”(127mm)x1.25”(32mm) Brake: 300lbs. (135kg) 2lbs. (0.9kg)
H5PCR 5”(127mm)x1.25”(32mm) Rigid: 300lbs. (135kg) 2lbs. (0.9kg)
Note 1:  Load height for all casters, 6.09 +- 0.09” (155+-1.5mm)
Note 2:  Brakes are foot operated for H5MC and HQ5MC
Note 3:  Brakes are toe operated for H5MESD and HQ5MESD