Non Marking Heel Groundr


Product Description

NonMarkingHeel Grounder



    Durable, proprietary 2-ply design
Quick release buckles


     Long lasting performance
Compatible with ESD tile, flooring, mats

The first to respond with a product that solves the problems that users have voiced.  This new heel grounder is made of a revolutionary material that is truly Non-marking.  It will not scratch, mark, or dull ESD flooring and tile.  The contact material has a surface resistance of 10E5 – 10E6 ohms per S11.11 and with a person in them, 10E6 – 10E7 ohms per Standard 97.1.  This means exceptional performance from a comfortable, clean heel grounder.


Heel Cup: Specially reinforced grey dissipative/conductive material. Resistivity between 10E5-10E6 ohms. Proprietary non-scuffing material that will not mar or streak tile floors when worn indoors on clean surfaces.
Heel Cup Size: 1.5″ x 8.5″:  Available standard only
Tab Size: 0.375″ x 18″ long.
Tab Materials: Polyester ribbon with conductive material permanently sewn onto heel cup.
Resistor: Sewn in tab assembly with 1 megohm .25 watt chip resistor.
Ankle Adjustment Material: Stretch nylon straps with quick release buckles.
Charge Decay: 5000V to technical zero less than 2 seconds.
Meets or exceeds: All US and European requirements.


Non-marking Heel Grounder Products and Accessories

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Non-marking Heel Grounder, 18” tab, 1 megohm GHGNM1 $ 8.70
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