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Common Point Ground


15-ft Ground Lead with Dual Banana Jacks, fits 10mm Female Snaps

Common_Point_GroundCommon Point Ground
Grounding Lead with Dual Banana Jacks

Two Banana Jacks, 10 mm Male Snap
15 Foot Cable

Attaches Quickly
Safe Grounding for Work Mats

The Common Point Ground is a general purpose, Low Profile Table Mat Ground Connector that works well with any Mat or Runner.  The Common Point Ground features a design presenting a low profile and two banana jack receptacles.  A 1 megohm current limiting resistor is molded into the snap housing for operator safety.

Can be used in conjunction with 10 mm (3/8” nominal) Female Snaps.


These  Ground Cords have Male Snaps molded in and are compatible with all 10 mm ( 3/8” nominal )  Female Snaps;  Trustat 4730,Trustat 4732, and  GWHC31F and GWHC30F snaps.


Common Point Ground Cord Product

Product Part Number Unit Price
Ground Lead with Dual Banana Jacks, 15-ft, 1 megohm resistor GWHC315 $   8.40