Spunlace CleanRoom Wipes



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White hydro-entangled non-woven 55% cellulose / 45% polyester blend formed without binders, starches, or thermal bonding techniques for a chemically pure sheet that is strong, clean and absorbent.  Commonly used where liquid retention is important.  Great wipe for general applications in wipe down area or product.  Commonly used in pharmaceutical and semiconductor applications.Color:  White
Packaging:  10 or 12 bags per case

Excellent general purpose wiper

Description Product  ID Qty/UM Unit Price
4” x 4” Spunlace Wiper, 1200/bag SCRP0605-4 bag $  23.00 ORDER NOW
9” x 9” Spunlace Wiper, 300/bag SCRP0605-9 bag $ 19.00 ORDER NOW
12”x12” Spunlace Wiper, 150/bag SCRP0605-12 bag $ 19.00 ORDER NOW


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Spunlace Non-Woven Wiper

SCRP0605-4 4"x4" Spunlace wiper, 1200/bag $23.00, SCRP0605-9 9"x9" Spunlace wiper, 300/bag, $19.00, SCRP0605-12, 12"x12" Spunlace wiper, 150/bag, $19.00

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