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ADHESIVE MATSAdhesive Entry Mats Multi-layered clean-film full adhesive layers form mats that effectively capture dust and dirt from foot traffic and equipment wheels before they enter the controlled environment.  Each of the numbered layers of the mat peels off easily to reveal a new clean surface.  Independent testing shows that adhesive entrance mats represent the most effective particle reducing system for significantly reducing traffic-bourne contaminants, removing up to 95% of particles in the 0.3 micron range.  An acrylic adhesive is used which does not support microbial growth.
Color:  White, Blue,  or Grey
Packaging:  30-sheets per pad, 4 pads per case
Applications:  Cleanroom,  microelectronics, medical, printing, general maintenance
Description Product  ID Qty/UM Approx Weight Unit Price/case
18″x 36″, blue SCRP0430-1B 4 mats of 30 sheets/case 10.00 $48.00/case ORDER NOW
18″x 36″, white SCRP0430-1W ORDER NOW
18″x 36″, grey SCRP0430-1G ORDER NOW
18″x 45″, blue SCRP0430-2B 4 mats of 30 sheets/case 11.00 $55.00/case ORDER NOW
18″x 45″, white SCRP0430-2W ORDER NOW
18″x 45″, grey SCRP0430-2G ORDER NOW
24″x 36″, blue SCRP0430-3B 4 mats of 30 sheets/case 13.00 $62.00/case ORDER NOW
24″x 36″, white SCRP0430-3W ORDER NOW
24″x 36″, grey SCRP0430-3G ORDER NOW
26″x 45″, blue SCRP0430-4B 4 mats of 30 sheets/case 16.00 $78.00/case ORDER NOW
26″x 45″, white SCRP0430-4W ORDER NOW
26″x 45″, grey SCRP0430-4G ORDER NOW
36″x 36″, blue SCRP0430-5B 4 mats of 30 sheets/case 20.00 $94.00/case ORDER NOW
36″x 36″, white SCRP0430-5W ORDER NOW
36″x 36″, grey SCRP0430-5G ORDER NOW
36″x 45″, blue SCRP0430-6B 4 mats of 30 sheets/case 20.00 $110.00/case ORDER NOW
36″x 45″, white SCRP0430-6W ORDER NOW
36″x 45″, grey SCRP0430-6G ORDER NOW
36″x 60″, blue SCRP0430-7B 4 mats of 30 sheets/case 22.00 $138.00/case ORDER NOW
36″x 60″, white SCRP0430-7W ORDER NOW
36″x 60″, grey SCRP0430-7G ORDER NOW
26″x 45″ SCRP0430-8B 4 mats of 30 sheets/case, blue only 14.00 $80.00/case ORDER NOW
36″x 60″Hi-Tack SDMIHT107 4 mats of 30 sheets/case, blue only extra sticky 28.00 $179.00/case ORDER NOW


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Adhesive Mats

18"x36" SCRP0430-1B BLUE $48/case, 18"x36" SCRP0430-1W WHITE $48/case, 18"x36" SCRP0430-1G GREY $48/case, 18"x45" SCRP0430-2B BLUE $55/case, 18"x45" SCRP0430-2W WHITE $55/case, 18"x45" SCRP0430-2G GREY $55/case, 24"x36" SCRP0430-3B BLUE $62/case, 24"x36" SCRP0430-3W WHITE $62/case, 24"x36" SCRP0430-3G GREY $62/case, 26"x45" SCRP0430-4B BLUE $78/case, 26"x45" SCRP0430-4W WHITE $78/case, 26"x45" SCRP0430-4G GREY $78/case, 36"x36" SCRP0430-5B BLUE $94/case, 36"x36" SCRP0430-5W WHITE $94/case, 36"x36" SCRP0430-5G GREY $94/case, 36"x45" SCRP0430-6B BLUE $110/case, 36"x45" SCRP0430-6W WHITE $110/case, 36"x45" SCRP0430-6G GREY $110/case, 36"x60" SCRP0430-7B BLUE $138/case, 36"x60" SCRP0430-7W WHITE $138/case, 36"x60" SCRP0430-7G GREY $138/case, 26" x45" SCRP0430-8B BLUE $80/case, 26" x45" SCRP0430-8W WHITE $80/case, 26" x45" SCRP0430-8G GREY $80/case

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