Particle Capture System: Muon Trap, Under-Bench HEPA System & Table Top Version



Product Description

Muon Trap: Under-Bench Particle Capture System OR Table Top Version PCS (both with HEPA return)

(US Patent Pending) with Fixed Mount Capture Hood, Offered with or without IONIZATION option.

Please watch video to see the PCS Muon Trap (US Patent Pending) in action! More photos and pricing below! (Video shown with infrared light to show particulate being blown off with ionized air blast.)


Under-Bench Mount Version


DSC_0220      DSC_0224

Above: PCS- With ionization,         PCS- Without ionization,             PCS Side View

**Show with Foot Petal activation ionizer, Also available with Optical Sensor Activation option

Table Top (Portable) Version

Resized_20170202_103820_1486143898175 Resized_20170202_103644_1486143922625 Resized_20170202_103826_1486143898169

Table Top Version show right side up and on its back, portable. Show with ionization. Available with or without Ionization.

  • For many years C.C. Steven and Associates has been supplying our customers with an assortment of Ionizing Blow off guns and nozzles. 
  • They are a very effective way to minimize static attraction as well as assist in cleaning products prior to critical applications. 
  • Often, the questions is asked… WHERE do the particles go?   
  • We now have the answer… AND the Solution! 
  • Introducing the Particle Capture System (PCS): Muon Trap (US Patent Pending) product line. We will not only blow off particulate from your product, we will capture what is blown off as well. Our first release in this new product line is the PCS Muon Trap Under Table Mount (US Patent Pending) AND the PCS Muon Trap Table Top version BOTH with closed loop particle capture with Hepa Filter return. The PCS Muon Trap can be provided with or without ionization. -Finally, an innovative, effective, and seamless way to clean your parts prior to your critical process AND capture the particles.Please Call for Demo or Questions! 805-658-0207 or


Please watch video to see the PCS Muon Trap (US Patent Pending) in action! More photos and pricing below!

 (US Patent Pending)

PCS-MT Muon Trap: Under-Bench HEPA Particle Capture System- Fixed Mount (ionization sold separately) $2900.00
PCS-MT-TT Muon Trap: Table Top HEPA Particle Capture System (ionization sold separately) $2760.00
PCS-Sidekick Simco-Ion Sidekick Top Gun with hands-free stand and footpetal (IG10404) Separately  $945.00
 PCS-Sidekick/OPT Simco-Ion Sidekick Top Gun with hands-free stand and Optical Sensor $1,350.00
PCS-Hepafilters Hepafilter Refill (PN#: PCS0007) $286.00
PCS-Footstirrup Footswitch Stirrup $60.00
PCS-Sidekickfilter Sidekick Filters, 2 per pack (PN#: 5050696) $62.00

***SHIPPING ON THESE UNITS To Be Determined based on your location. Does not apply to flat rate or free shipping specials. Double click on the part number of product you would like to purchase and it will take you to drop down menu so you can purchase your preferred model of the PCS-Muon Trap online.



Additional information

Particle Capture System Variations and Accessories

PCS-MT: Muon Trap Under-Bench HEPA Particle Capture System $2900.00, PCS-MT TT: Muon Trap Table Top Hepa Particle Capture System $2760.00, PCS-Sidekick: Simco-Ion Sidekick Top Gun with Footswitch, PCS-Sidekick Top Gun with Stand & Optical Sensor, PCS-Hepafilters: Hepafilter Refill, PCS-Footstirrup: Footswitch Stirrup, PCS SidekickFilter: Sidekick Filters, 2 per pack

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